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What is the project?

The Glasgow Liveable Neighbourhoods programme is taking place around the city and seeks to understand how communities use their neighbourhoods.
Together we will propose improvements that align with our four Liveable Neighbourhood themes:

Local Town Centres

Making local centres that help communities meet their everyday local needs and bring vibrancy, activity and jobs.

Everyday Journeys

Improve the quality of journeys that are part of everyday life e.g. the work commute, the ‘school run’, or the trip to the shops.

Active Travel

Ensure we have streets that allow for safe walking and cycling journeys within neighbourhoods and connect to the wider city.

Streets for People

Make sure that streets are places for people not just cars, by working with local communities.

What is a 'Liveable Neighbourhood'?

A liveable neighbourhood is a compact and accessible place, designed so that all people can meet most of their daily needs within a reasonable walk, wheel or cycle from their home.

They are connected places that reduce the city’s dependency on cars by helping to make walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport a first choice.

A liveable neighbourhood allows people, of all ages and abilities, to thrive.

How to get involved:

This round of engagement has now closed, however please see the details for our past events below:

Yoker - Whiteinch

Liveable Neighbourhood
Royston - Hogganfield

Liveable Neighbourhood

The story so far:


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Meet the team:

Mott MacDonald - Project Management and Urban Design

Mott MacDonald is an employee-owned engineering, development and management consultancy. We plan, design, deliver and care for the infrastructure that society depends on – transport, energy, water and buildings.

Urban Movement - Urban Design

Urban Movement is an award-winning transport and urban design practice working to balance movement and place to create better streets, public spaces and places for people, and to deliver public good in the pursuit of urban social justice.

New Practice - Community Engagement

New Practice is an architecture practice in Glasgow. We exist to develop the community, creative and cultural capacity of cities and to connect people with the decision making processes that underpin the urban experience.

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